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Q1: I want ____________ apple, please.
Q2: Would you like ________________ fruit ?
Q3: There was ___________ pasta and ________ carrot in the fridge last night.
Q4: Is there __________ petrol in the car ?
Q5: There isn't ______________ milk, but there is ____________ orange juice.
Q6: There weren't _____ good films on TV last night, but there was ______ exciting football match.
Q7: Do you have _________ money in your wallet ?
Q8: Can I have _________ chicken sandwich with _______ tea, please ?
Q9: I need ________ eggs but I don't need ______ milk.
Q10: I heard _________ good news today.
Q11: We didn't have __________ homework yesterday.
Q12: Would you like _________ milk in your coffee ?
Q13: The bus arrived _______ hour ago.
Q14: Mike doesn't have __________ friends.
Q15: How ________ people were at the party?