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1) We___from Saudi Arabia. My sister____learning English.

2) Boys____football on Saturdays.

3) John____his wife at University.

4) They are ________in the disco.

5) The opposite of  "in front of"  is ____________.

6) Can you speak more _____, please?

7) How_______________ do you know Oxford?

8) Is this word countable or uncountable: Children

9) Ten years _______I learned to swim.

10) How long______flu?

11) You______eat those berries - they are poisonous.

12) Archaeologists______the remains of an ancient city in the Sahara desert.

13) I think Ian's at____work.

14) If you______, this would never have happened.

15)Click on the word in the sentence that is not correct.

 A) Do you know what time does the plane lands?

B) Don't you want no people to ask difficult questions?

16) If you don't mind, I would rather you_______.

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