Welcome to your Elementary 2 : Can _ Could _ Was _ Were

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Q1: My father ____________ born in England.

Q2: We ________ happy last year.

Q3: ____ there many children yesterday?

Q4: _________ your father a teacher?

Q5: They _________ at the party last Saturday.

Q6: I _________ swim very well.

Q7: _______ he play the guitar?

Q8: When I was 5 I ________ speak English at all.

Q9: She is very good at playing the piano. She can play the piano _______

Q10: Could you go to school last week?

Q11: When he ___________ 2 years old, he __________ walk.

Q12: I ___________ go to the party so I _______ sad.

Q13: I ________ eat now, I ______ not hungry.

Q14: Yesterday it _______ sunny so we _____ play football.

Q15: They _______ so tired, they _______ study.

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