Welcome to your Elementary 2 : Past Simple (irregular verbs)

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Q1: We _______ dinner in an Italian restaurant.

Q2: I _________________ my new jacket every day last week.

Q3: She _________ to Singapore 3 times last year.

Q4: My father _________ me how to drive.

Q5: We ____________ at my friend's place yesterday.

Q6: ____________________ the e-mail?

Q7: _____________ this snowman?

Q8: _________________ the shopping last weekend?

Q9: ________________ the ball?

Q10: __________________ yesterday?

Q11: Did he grow up in Egypt?

Q12: He __________ up early so he was late.

Q13: He ________ his car in the parking lot.

Q14: We ____________________ this weekend because I _______ tired.

Q15: He ____________ English so I ________________ anything.

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