Welcome to your Intermediate 1 : Comparatives _ Superlatives

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Q1: Pizza is __________________ than pasta.

Q2: Russia is ______________ than the Australia.

Q3: Bangkok is ________________ from Kuala Lumpur than Penang.

Q4: Is the person on the left __________ the person on the right?

Q5: Your joke wasn’t__________________ you thought.

Q6: The Nile is ___________ river in Africa.

Q7: This is ______________ game I’ve ever watched.

Q8: Yesterday was ______________ day this month so far.

Q9: The hike was _______________ I expected.

Q10: Can you run a bit __________ please?

Q11: The KLCC mall was not ___________________ it usually was on a Saturday.

Q12: What's __________ meal you've ever eaten? 20 sec

Q13: She is ______________ dentist in this city.

Q14: I-phones are _________________ Samsung phones. 20 sec

Q15: Rugby isn't _______________ as Soccer.