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Welcome to ELIT Language Centre

Today we are living in a world where English is not only an asset, but a premium requirement for any advancement in business and education. To add to this it is a well known fact that only those schools that keep in step with the fast pace of the changing times will be successful and occupy the leading position in the market.

Having analyzed the English Language School market in Malaysia, we have concluded that a school has to be not only up to date in all aspects of the principles of English education but offer something new and fresh, that is unique and purposeful for every student.

This is why we have created the distinctive characteristic of the personalized approach to learning. At ELIT Language Centre, students will be learning in classes that are small, positive and professionally managed by the highest qualified native teachers in the market. This enables every learner to be able to confidently ask and answer questions in a nurturing environment, and move through the levels with ease and certainty that they will be attaining a level of English that will serve them well in any venture they propose for their future.

In addition to this, we take great pride in offering our students superior customer service. Our carefully appointed student affairs officers are also on call to deal with any academic or Malaysian orientation issues should they arise.

I believe that with this new unique competitive edge and an open mind to new developments and changes within the market, ELIT Language Centre will maintain its leading quality position in the years to come.

I therefore invite you to join us. Call and speak to one of our student affairs officers or come in for a visit to see what we are all about. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Raewyn (Aiyshah) Gwilliam