What is ELIT World?

Since its inception in 2007, ELIT World has dedicated itself to building strategic platforms that make learning enjoyable and life-long. Catering to both children and adults, as well as registering students from over 60 different countries both online and face to face, ELIT World has created a steadfast reputation for excellence, as well as taking pains to ensure that quality starts not only at the curriculum but at the teachers role as the facilitator.



The Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program is a student-centered curriculum where students from Grades 9-12 follow the Canadian high school system online to achieve a diploma that enables them to enter any English-speaking university in the world. They are taught knowledge and understanding, not just to sit exams, but to take what is learned and apply it, create with it and communicate through it. It is an innovative way of learning and students not only enjoy it but are extremely well prepared for post-secondary programs at English speaking universities.

All courses are delivered by ELIT World in partnership with Beaconhouse International, Toronto, Canada.

(Students successfully completing the OSSD program will be unlikely to need IELTS or TOEFL to enter international English-speaking Universities)

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