Our Teachers


My name is Derek, I’m from Ireland and I’m a native speaker of English. I have been
teaching in Malaysia for 6 years. Before that I lived in Bahrain for 7 years. I like living in
Malaysia because the weather is fantastic and there are so many different types of food
to eat. In my free time I go bowling and I love going to the cinema. I love animals and I
have two cats.


My name`s Andy and I`ve been teaching English in Malaysia for 3 years. Before moving here I lived in Belgium, Hungary and England, but Kuala Lumpur is my favourite so far because I love my job here. I am convinced that teaching and learning English should be done in a fun, interactive and communicative way and here at Elit that`s how everybody thinks about education. Apart from teaching English, I love hiking, literature, watching TV shows on Netflix and planning my next holiday.



I’m Winston.
I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the best country in the
I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years and then I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I’ve been teaching English in KL for 3 years and I love it. Everyday is a new adventure
and I also learn a lot from my students. I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I have
some, I like to eat the wonderful food in Malaysia, I love to travel around Asia and I try to
catch up on my sleep.


Before moving to Malaysia in 2011, I taught in the UK, South America and China. I
enjoy being in Malaysia because of the friendly people, travel opportunities and the hot
When I`m not teaching, I spend time hiking and doing yoga.


I’m Sarah. I’m from Canada, but I’ve lived all over the world. I’ve taught in Los
Angeles in the U.S., Thailand, Bali, Australia and Canada. I have lived in Kuala Lumpur
since 2017 and I love it. There is so much multi-culturalism here and the shopping is
fantastic. When I’m not teaching, I am usually at the gym or doing yoga. On the
weekends I enjoy watching movies and spending time with friends.I have been teaching
for many years. It is one of my greatest passions and joys, and I’m so lucky to be here
at Elit with such wonderful teachers and students.


My name’s Lisa. I’m from Scotland, but I married a Malaysian and we decided to
settle here five years ago. One of my favourite things about Malaysia, apart from the
food, is the wonderful people I’ve met. I really value the fact that I get to experience so
many different cultures at Elit, too. I’ve been teaching here since 2016 and I’ve loved
every minute of it.


I’m Alena and I’m from Belarus. I’ve been teaching English for the past 8 years and I
really like it. I’ve taught English in Belarus, China, Thailand, Vietnam and now I’m
teaching it in Malaysia at Elit. I enjoy teaching here because I have students from
different parts of the world.
I also love traveling and I have been to many countries in the world. I like living in
Malaysia because it’s always warm and also because I can find a lot of vegan food


My name’s Martha and I’m from Ireland.
I’ve been teaching in Elit for about 5
The students here are very international, it’s really interesting to learn about their
cultures and traditions. Kuala Lumpur is a great place to live, there are so many great
restaurants, I love eating out with my friends and family. When I’m not working I enjoy
travelling and exploring new places.


At Elit, everyone calls me Teacher, but my name is Rachel and I’m from the
USA. I’ve lived in Malaysia for almost 4 years, but I’ve worked at Elit for 2.5 years.
I love being here in KL because it’s so diverse – so many different sights, sounds, people, kinds of food, and cultures.
My favorite thing about KL is my job. I love meeting new students and learning about their families, background, and all the interesting things they teach me.
When I’m not working, I usually just go out to eat with friends or visit
different parts of the city. I especially love traveling to other countries when I have holidays.


My name is Jola and I come from Poland. I’ve lived in Malaysia for four years and
have been working in Elit since 2017. Before that I was teaching English in international
schools in Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt. I love teaching as it gives me the feeling of
accomplishment as I see my students grow in knowledge, skills and confidence. I also
love photography, travelling and working out.