Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 1 : Present Simple _ Present Continuous

Q1: Look! He _______ (leave) the house.

Q2: She __________ (walk) to school in the morning, she _________ (not take) the bus.

Q3: Every Sunday we _______ (go) to see my grandparents.

Q4: __________ (he / watch) the news regularly?

Q5: You usually _________ (arrive) late.

Q6: I ________ (not / work) today, I'm sick.

Q7: Julie ________ (sleep) right now.

Q8: Every weekend, Sally _______ (drive) her kids to football practice.

Q9: Shhhhh! Be quiet! The teacher is _______ (come) .

Q10: Don't forget to take your umbrella. It ______ (rain) .

Q11: Most people ______ (not like) to visit a doctor.

Q12: My friend is from Rome, He ______ (speak) Italian.

Q13: Sometimes, Tom ______ (do) his homework after lunch.

Q14: I’m looking at the woman, she ______ (wear) a nice hat.

Q15: The puppy _______ (not eat) his food.