Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 2 : Present Perfect _ Past Simple

Q1: My grandfather _________ the USA three times in the '80s.

Q2: I ______________ to Norway 5 times. 20 sec

Q3: He can't open the door, he ________ his key.

Q4: I _______ Julie for ten years but then she moved away and we lost touch.

Q5: I ________ too much cake yesterday.

Q6: I __________ 3 cups of coffee today.

Q7: I _________ my ankle last year.

Q8: Have you cut your finger?

Q9: I _______ eating 2 minutes ago.

Q10: __________ for the check yet?

Q11: JFK __________ the best president of the United States.

Q12: I _________ this mountain in 2016.

Q13: I _________________ to Rome twice.

Q14: I __________ my favourite band live .

Q15: Eating french fries for breakfast yesterday _________ the best choice.