Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 3 : Conditionals

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Q2: If he ___(be) younger, he ___(travel) more.
Q3: If we ___(not/be) friends, I ___(be) angry with you.
Q4: If I ___ (have) enough money, I ___(buy) a big house.
Q5: If she ___(not/be) always so late, she ___(be)promoted
Q6: If you___(have) a better job, we ___ (be) able to buy a new car.
Q7: If we ___(win) the lottery, we ___(travel) the world. 30 sec
Q8: If I___(speak) perfect English, I___(have) a good job
Q9: If she ___(pass) the exam, she___(be) able to enter university.
Q10: If I ___(go) out tonight, I ___(go) to the cinema.
Q11:If you ___(get) back late, I ___(be) angry.
Q12: If we ___(not/see) each other tomorrow, we ___(see)each other next week.
Q13: If he___(come) , I___(be) surprised.
Q14: If we___(wait) here, we ___(be) late.
Q15: If we___(go) on holiday this summer, we___(go) to Spain.