Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 3 : Passive

Q1: Many films ... in the Hollywood film studios every year.

Q2: The Statue of Liberty ... to the USA by the French in 1886.

Q3: The pyramids ... by Egyptian Pharaos thousands of years ago.

Q4: The first manned rocket to the moon ... in 1969.

Q5: The euro coins ... in many European countries on January 1st, 2002.

Q6: Avocado fruits ... for more than 10,000 years in South America.

Q7: With modern technology microscopic objects like viruses ... visible.

Q8: In the USA cereals ... by thousands of children every morning.

Q9: Funny cat videos ... on YouTube by millions of people.

Q10: Thousands of workers ... to Europe every year.

Q11: Walls in many big cities ... by graffiti artists. 30 sec

Q12: Stonehenge in the south of England ... by thousands of tourists every year.

Q13: Don't go rafting when there is a thunderstorm. You ... by lightning.

Q14: The new Transformers movie ... soon.

Q15: Oranges ... in Germany.