Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 3 : Present Perfect Continuous _ Present Perfect

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Q1: It's snowing outside. What's the right question:
Q2: Your friend knows Qasem. What question do you ask?
Q3: Lujain and Mustafe are married. You ask them this when you see them:
Q4: Saleh is learning German. You're talking to him and you ask:
Q5: Anwar isn't feeling well. He got sick 3 days ago. He _____________________ Friday.
Q6: Sarah is traveling and has been in Thailand for a while. She ____________________.
Q7: I wonder where Musaab is. I __________________ ages.
Q8: I'm tired of the traffic. We ______________________ for the grab forever.
Q9: I've given up smoking. I ______________ for 5 months.
Q10: You just met someone on the train, he says he's from KL. You ask:
Q11: Ahmed always wears the same shoes. They're his favorite pair. You ask him:
Q12: Your cousin is taking piano lessons. You ask him:
Q13: You just met Shaima to catch up. She's recently started a new job. You ask:
Q14: Your mother calls you on the break and you tell her about the weather. You say:
Q15: Your sister wants to visit China and she recently just booked tickets. She tells you: