IELTS Reading Test – One Test Only


Complete one test only.
The test will have a 20-minute time limit, give you the answers and your Band


The Reading test is one of the most challenging of the disciplines tested in the
IELTS exam, and soon everything will be delivered online. Therefore, if you have
already been to many sites and learned and practiced many strategies on how to
approach the online exam plus you have only a few days left, then this IELTS
Reading test Practice site is for you.
With just one more attempt at the IELTS Reading test again delivered to you
under the required IELTS examination conditions, you will get a good feel for
what is required in the designated time. You will not only receive your Band Score
immediately, but you will also be able to see the correct answers, your own
answers given, and see where you went right or wrong. This is perfect practice
for those who are just about to sit their IELTS exam.