(a) These Rules shall be called “The ELIT Language Centre Students’ Discipline and Conduct Rules 2022” hereafter referred to as the “Rules”.

(b) These Rules shall come into force with effect from the date of their notification.



(a) These Rules shall apply to all students of the affiliated ELIT Language Centre whether admitted prior to the commencement of these Rules or after the commencement of these Rules.

(b) Any breach of discipline and conduct committed by a student inside or outside the ELIT Language Centre Campus shall fall under the purview of these Rules.

(c)  These rules are not meant to deny the democratic rights of the students to dissent/air their grievances/protest in a peaceful and lawful manner.



For the purpose of application of these Rules-

(a)  ‘ELIT Language Centre’ means any teaching Department established and maintained by the ELIT Language Centre offering Courses, Hostels, Playgrounds, Canteens, Shopping Centers, Administrative Offices, and entire ELIT Language Centre campus.

(b) ‘Student’ means any person admitted to a ELIT Language Centre as a student

(c)  ‘Teacher’ means and includes ESL Teach and/or Administrative staff.

(d)  ‘Disciplinary Authority’ means an authority competent to impose penalty on a student

under these Rules for any act of indiscipline or misconduct.

(e)  ‘Inquiry Authority’ means a Committee appointed by the Head of School or an Inquiry Officer appointed by the Head of School to inquire into the charges of act/s of indiscipline or misconduct by a student or a group of students.



(a) Acts of misconduct and indiscipline Category-I:

  • Causing disturbance within the ELIT Language Centre premises, Laboratory or Reading Room, Library, Common Room, Playground or Hostel, Canteen, and such other places in the ELIT Language Centre Campus.
  •  Any act leading to diverting the attention of the students from the Lectures or of the teacher from Teaching.
  •  Insubordination and/or disrespect to the teacher within or outside the ELIT Language Centre premises.
  •  Habitual inattention to classwork and assignments.
  • Disturbing a class from outside by loitering aimlessly in the corridors, making noise.
  • Picking up quarrel with the teaching or non-teaching staff or with other students.
  • Using abusive language and abuses in the ELIT Language Centre premises
  • Smoking within the ELIT Language Centre campus.
  • Playing any kind of musical instrument inside the class or outside during class hours.
  • Any form of protest by blocking entrance or exit of any of the academic and/or administrative complexes or disrupting the movements of any member of the ELIT Language Centre.
  • Furnishing false certificates or false information in any manner to the ELIT Language Centre.
  • Teasing or disrespectful behavior or any misbehavior with a boy/girl student, staff member/ visitor.
  • Causing or colluding in the unauthorized entry of any person/guest into the ELIT Language Centre Campus or in the unauthorized occupation of any portion of the ELIT Language Centre premises, including residential quarters/hostels or residence by any person.
  • Unauthorized occupation of the hostel rooms or unauthorized acquisition and use of ELIT Language Centre furniture in one’s hostel room or elsewhere.
  • Damaging or defacing, in any form any property of the ELIT Language Centre or the property of any member of the ELIT Language Centre community.
  • Not disclosing one’s identity when asked to do so by a faculty member or employee or security staff of the ELIT Language Centre who is authorized to ask for such identity.
  • Improper behavior while on tour or excursion.
  • Blockade or forceful prevention of any normal movement of traffic, violation of security or safety rules notified by the ELIT Language Centre.
  • Littering of any kind of waste including plastic waste in the ELIT Language Centre buildings, grounds/roads/premises.
  • Disturbing other students/ teachers using a mobile phone inside the class or outside during class hours.
  • Any other act which may be considered by the Head of School or any other competent authority to be a minor act of violation of discipline and conduct.


(b) Acts of misconduct and indiscipline Category-II:

  • Repetition of acts given under Category-I of indiscipline in spite of repeated warnings and penalties imposed.
  •  Attending the ELIT Language Centre dressed in a manner contrary to social norms prevailing from time to time or violation of dress code if any.
  • Indecent exposure in a proactive manner or behaving in a manner tending to rouse baser passions among the members of the same or opposite sex.
  • Disfiguring the walls, floors, furniture etc. of the ELIT Language Centre.
  • Forcibly entering/ reaching places which have restricted entry or unauthorizedly handling of equipment or performing acts which would be a threat to one’s life.
  • Instigating others to commit acts of indiscipline.
  • Engaging in any attempt at wrongful confinement of any member of the faculty, staff, student or anyone camping inside the ELIT Language Centre Campus.
  • Any Intimidation of or insulting or abusive behavior towards a student, staff or faculty or any other person.
  • Wanton destruction of ELIT Language Centre properties.
  • Consuming or possessing narcotic drugs or other intoxicants or alcohol anywhere in the ELIT Language Centre premises.
  • Indulging in criminal acts of any kind under the law of land including gambling and possession of arms/weapons.
  • Arousing communal or regional feelings or creating disharmony among students.
  • Demonstration of disloyalty to the country, its constitution and its flag.
  • Ragging of any kind tending to cause physical and mental torture to other students or forcing others to submit to indignity and nuisance.
  •  All acts of violence and all forms of coercion which disrupt the normal academic and administrative functioning of ELIT Language Centre and or any act which incites or leads to violence.
  • Sexual harassment of any kind which shall also include: unwelcome sexual proposition/ advancements, sexually graphic comments of a body unwelcome touching, patting pinching or leering of parts of the body or persistent offensive or unwelcome sexual jokes and or comments as per Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention and Redressal)
  • Committing forgery, tampering with the Identity Card or ELIT Language Centre records, impersonation, misusing ELIT Language Centre property (movable or immovable), documents and records, tearing of pages of, defacing, burning or in any way destroying the books, journals, magazines and any material of library or unauthorized photocopying or possession of library books, journals, magazines or any other material.
  • Any act of moral turpitude.
  • Use of abusive, defamatory, derogatory or intimidatory language against any member of the ELIT Language Centre Community.
  • Any other act or acts which the Head of School considers as major acts of misconduct and indiscipline.
  • Publishing or posting derogative comments against any student/teaching staff /administrative staff of the ELIT Language Centre or any other person on the social media.


The competent authority may impose any one or suitable combination of the following

punishments on any student found guilty of any of the acts of indiscipline or misconduct

mentioned under Category-I or Category-II as the case may be



1)  Verbal Admonition/Reprimand from the teacher or Administration Officer

2)  Should the student not show change, a written warning is given

3)   Written warning is signed by the student and sent to the Head of School also

4)  If student continues, disciplinary hearing will be held with the Head of School, Teacher and Student

5)  If the student continues, student will be withdrawn and given one months leave and forfeiting their months course fee

6)  If the student continues, there will be stoppage of any or all academic processes, and (if applicable cancellation of visa and sent back to their country)


1) Disciplinary hearing with Head of School and Teacher and student with immediate cancellation of admission or withdrawal from programme for one month and declaring any part of the entire ELIT Language Centre Campus out of bounds during that time.

2) Fine up to three thousand ringgit (RM3000) depending upon gravity of the issue, and/or restitution for any damage done.

3) Should the person continue their misconduct following their reinstatement to the school programme, a further disciplinary hearing will take place with Head of School, teacher and student and at least one Board of Governor present, with expulsion from the programme as the final punishment including (as necessary) visa cancellation and being sent back to their country. A full written report will be given on this and kept on file.