Welcome to your Pre-Intermediate 1 : Tense Review

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Q1: John ___________ in football.

Q2: These sunglasses are nice. _______________

Q3: Look, there's Rachel. ________ a pink coat.

Q4: You can turn off the television. _____________ it.

Q5: "____________ today?" "No, he's at home."

Q6: The Earth _________ round the Sun.

Q7: We ________ away at weekends.

Q8: We _________ Thailand next year

Q9: Please be quiet. __________

Q10: We ____________________ dinner in the best restaurant tonight.

Q11: What _______ at the weekend?

Q12: The weather ________ last week.

Q13: "How________?" "I don't know. I didn't see it."

Q14: We _____________ to Cameron Highlands yesterday.

Q15: "Where's Rebecca?" "________ to bed."